Registration Policy

This Registration Policy sets out the framework governing the domain name registration and use within “.商标” Generic Top Level Domain (hereinafter “.商标” domain name).
“.商标” domain name registrations are open only to individuals, enterprises or organizations (hereinafter “.商标” domain registrants”) who hold valid trademark registrations or applications. They may rely on their existing trademark registrations or applications to apply to register “.商标” domain names in accordance with this Registration Policy.

Registrations of “.商标” domain names must be processed through registrars accredited under ICANN’s 2013 Registrar Accreditation procedures and accredited by the “.商标” Domain Registry (“Registrar”) or through resellers of a Registrar who have been recorded with and approved by the “.商标” Domain Registry (“Reseller”). They must follow the procedures, timeline and other requirements as prescribed in this Registration Policy.

The “.商标” Domain Registry is committed to providing a sound and effective mechanism for trademark owners to assert their brands and their trademark rights on the Internet through the registration of “.商标” domain names. To prevent domain name abuse and domain name hijacking and to resolve disputes regarding registrant eligibility, the “.商标” Domain Registry has adopted independent dispute resolution mechanisms which will be administered by accredited third-party dispute resolution service providers.