Lewis LUK

CEO, Lusignan Group Limited

Hong Kong

Dr. Lewis Luk is a senior associate of P C Woo & Co, Solicitors & Notaries, a Panelist on Domain Names and an Arbitrator for Intellectual Property Disputes under the Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre. His practice area is Intellectual Property (IP) Law.

He was an executive director of a public listed company (toy and consumer electronics manufacturing) for 16 years (1991-2008) and a senior partner of a local law firm before joining the company in 1991.

Dr. Luk obtained his law degree from King’s College London, UK, a Diploma in Chinese Law from the University of East Asia, Macau and a Doctorate from the City University of Macau. He is a solicitor in Hong Kong, England & Wales, Singapore, Australia and an Associate of the American Bar Association. He is also a Senior Member of the Institute of Industrial Engineers (HK).

Dr. Luk is the founding president of the Professional Validation Council of Hong Kong Industries (PVCHK), the Hong Kong Brands Protection Alliance (HKBPA) and the Hong Kong Institute of Patent Attorneys (HKIPA).

On the academic side, Dr. Luk is an Adjunct Professor of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University since 2003, a Fellow of King’s College London, and an Industrial Fellow of the University of the Warwick, UK.

On the public services, Dr. Luk was a member of the Chinese People Consultative Conference,Guangdong (1998-2007), Commission on Strategic Development of HKSAR (2005-2007), SME Committee of HKSAR (2009-2014), Working Group of IP Trading (2013-2014) and Citizen Advisory Committee on Community Relations of ICAC (2010-2015). He is currently a member of Standing on Company Law Reform of HKSAR, Steering Committee on Business of IP Asia Forum and a Justice of Peace.

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